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Excerpt from CBU’s Academic Calendar

Students applying for early fall admission must include with their application their final Grade 11 marks and proof of registration in their Grade 12 courses (for both semesters where applicable). Admission will be conditional pending the successful and satisfactory completion of program requirements.

All students who are offered early fall admission must submit an official high school transcript to the Admissions Office by June 30th of their graduating year or the offer of admission may be withdrawn.

High School Transcript Self-report of Grades

Students have the opportunity to self-report their transcript information which CBU will use to assess admission to degree programs. High school applicants must report final grades for all Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses completed along with all available mid-year grades for courses in progress. Information will be assessed and applicants will be advised of their admission status.

Offers of admission based on self-reported transcript information will be verified against the final official transcript which must be submitted to the Student Service Centre by June 30th. It is expected that all applicants will accurately report their course information and must satisfy all CBU admission and specific program requirements in their final results, otherwise the offer of admission may be withdrawn.

Please note the information below if you wish to be considered for an entrance scholarship.

Entrance Scholarships

An admission application and all required supporting documents, including a high school transcript showing both Grade 11 marks and mid-year and/or first semester Grade 12 marks, must be received in the Student Service Centre by March 1 in order to be considered for an entrance scholarship. For more information on scholarships and bursaries, criteria, policies and required supporting documents, visit or email:


CBU recognizes extra-institutional learning and may grant credit for learning experiences acquired outside an educational institution. Students may obtain credit for such prior learning in either of two ways:

1. By presenting evidence demonstrating that the student has mastered the material covered in the course in question. The Dean of the appropriate academic school is responsible for ensuring that the relevant member of faculty appraises such evidence of prior learning.

2. By challenging a course with the approval of the relevant school Dean.