Everyone who has attended a HEMS spring conference knows that it is a wonderful time of encouragement and refreshing, but did you know that you can be a part of making that happen?

Every year, we look for willing people to help us make a difference in the homeschooling journey of families in Nova Scotia.  We would love to have you join our team.  If you have an idea of a way you would like to serve, or if you see a need that you can meet, please let us know! 

2019 Team

Conference Coordinator – Stephanie Jackson & Sharon Cheng

Speaker Coordinator – Stephanie Jackson

Vendor Hall Coordinator – Kathleen McInnis

Vendor Registration – Kathleen McInnis

Post-Secondary Registration – Kathleen McInnis

Registration Table Coordinator – Olivia Vail

Registration Table Staff (22 one hour shifts; always 2 people together) –

Facility Coordinator – Leah Alspach

Facility Set Up Coordinator-

Facility Reset Coordinator –

Facility Set Up/Reset Help –

Table Transportation – Jeff Jackson

2nd Hand Sale Coordinator – Merriam Nixon

Entrepreneur Coordinator – Merriam Nixon

Hospitality Bags –

Door Prizes –

Accommodations – Jen Hammond

PR & Marketing Coordinator –

Facility & Road Signs – Cathy Ashton

Website – Jeff Jackson

Vendor Meals – Leah Clermont

BBQ – Jeff Jackson

Workshop Recordings –

Workshop Recordings Post-Production –