So mighty was His love,
That I His own might be,
He left the Throne above
And gave Himself for me –
Laid all His heavenly glory by,
For me to suffer and to die!

When wandering far astray,
I by Himself was sought;
By Him, the Living Way,
I to Himself was brought –
I who till then His mercy scorn’d,
He with His righteousness adorn’d.

With Him I’m crucified,
And yet in Him I live;
But not he “I” theat died,
For He who thus did give
His life to save and set me free,
Even Christ Himself, doth live in me.

The Lord Himself shall come –
He will not send for me –
And shout me to His home,
Whre I Himself shall see,
And in His presence sweetly rest,
And with Himself be fully blest.

There in the courts above,
Where nought my gaze shall dim,
I’ll revel in His love
And feast my eyes on Him.
The brightest joy of heaven shall be
That every eye Himself shall see.

O may my happy part
While I remain below
Be, with a yearning heart,
Himself alone to know;
Since to the world I’m crucified,
May I with Him be satisfied.

written by William Blane
(around the turn of the last century – 1900 ish)

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