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This section applies to all undergraduate applicants except those applying to the Faculty of Medicine.


Applicants seeking admission to the Faculty of Medicine should refer to the Faculty of Medicine regulations for information.


Applicants seeking admission to a particular faculty or school may be required to submit a supplementary faculty or school application in addition to the application for admission/readmission and should refer to appropriate faculty or school regulations for procedures, deadlines, admission requirements and further information.


  1. Applications for admission/readmission should be submitted by the deadline dates listed in the University Diary. Applications received later or post-marked later than the stated deadline dates will be processed as time and resources permit. Application forms and other information may be obtained by contacting the University in writing to the Admissions Office, Office of the Registrar, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL, A1C 5S7, or by e-mail at admissions@mun.ca or through the website at www.mun.ca/regoff/home/.
  2. Each application must be accompanied by a $40.00 application processing fee. An additional application processing fee of $40.00 is required from non-Canadian applicants or applicants transferring from post-secondary institutions outside of Newfoundland and Labrador. Neither fee is refundable nor will it be credited to the applicant’s financial account under any circumstances. Information regarding other fees and charges is specified under Fees and Charges.
  3. Applicants who have previously attended Memorial University of Newfoundland and have not registered for courses for the past two consecutive semesters (Fall, Winter, Spring) are required to submit a new Application for Admission/Readmission together with the $40.00 application processing fee.
  4. The admission criteria required of each category of applicant is specified under Categories of Applicants, Admission Criteria And Required Documentation.
  5. Admission to some courses, programs and/or the University may be limited by the University when it deems the facilities and resources available to it are not adequate to provide for additional students. Consequently possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee that an applicant will be granted admission to a course, a program and/or the University.
  6. The University may set its own matriculation examinations either in separate subjects or in all those required for matriculation, and may refuse admission to any applicant failing to attain a satisfactory standard in these examinations.
  7. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant.
  8. Applicants may be required to provide medical evidence of their fitness to pursue university studies.

For Homeschoolers:


  1. There are no official calendar regulations because they have so few homeschooling students apply. Having said that they do accept homeschooling students to MUN.


  1. For admission purposes they prefer, a scholarship test score such as the SAT (no specific score required) or ACT (no specific score required) along with


  • a letter from the applicant stating their academic abilities, interests, and goals that demonstrates preparedness for university level study
  • a letter from an academic reference to speak to the student’s interest and abilities in terms of university preparedness.


  1. The only way for a prospective MUN student (who has been homeschooled) to be eligible for an entrance scholarship is to write the provincial exam. For more details on scholarship eligibility, please call the awards office at 709-864-3956.