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Getting a post-secondary education is expensive.  Applying for acceptance to your program of choice in your grade 11 year is the first step to determining how much money you will need to save.

Scholarships are a great way to help offset the cost of your post-secondary education.  There are a multitude of scholarships available to Canadian students (and others but those listed here focus on Canadian applicants).  Scroll through the sites and don’t be shy about sending in applications.

It is good to know that many schools will waive the application fee if you apply at an open house (usually held in the fall and spring).  Often, acceptances are offered at the same time at these events.

Many post-secondary institutions offer admissions scholarships that are based on a student’s GPA.  This is FREE money!  Usually, it is renewable as long as the student maintains their academic standard.

If your child is a minority, there are special interest scholarships.  If your child is pursuing a specific field of study, there are hosts of unique scholarships.  It help us help each other, if you have benefited from a scholarship, please let us know where you got it and how.  Please also let us know if it is a special interest scholarship.  By labeling them, it will help others find the scholarships best suited to their needs.

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