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Non Public-Schooled Applicants

Applicants in this category may have been homeschooled or may have attended a private school that does not follow a regular provincial curriculum. These applicants must provide the following:

  1. A complete Application for Admission form with the application processing fee.

  2. A letter identifying the applicants’s “non publicschooled” status, and if possible, a transcript detailing grade 11 and 12 courses. Course outlines, syllabi, evaluation criteria, and a list of resource materials should be provided for each course.

  3. Evidence of a minimum score of 100 in the SAT 1.

  4. For programs requiring specific grades in particular courses evidence of achievement can be provided as follows:

a. Complete a SAT 2 test in required courses and achieve a minimum of 550 out of 800, or

b. Complete the Grade 12 Adult High School Certification Provincial exam for that subject and achieve the grade specified in the program pre-requisite (eg a minimum grade of 60% is required in English 122 for admission to the Faculty of Arts), or

          1. Achieve a minimum grade of 4 in an approved Advanced Placemnt (AP) course.

5. Submit evidient of achievement as outlined above by having official documents (trnascripts/statements o results) sent directly from the testing agency to the Admissions Office (documents will not be accepted sent directly from applicants).