What’s for dinner?

Every mother has stood in the kitchen and heard those words, “What’s for dinner”?

As a rule, my children are very good eaters.  We don’t have fights over what they are willing to eat and they enjoy vegetables as much as they enjoy anything else.

Occasionally, however, as happened today, one child will get it into their head that they don’t like the answer to the question.

As I was concocting our supper, one of my little darlings arrived at my side and queried, “What’s for supper?”

“Orange chicken.” I quickly responded.

Up curled the freckled nose as the eyes scrunched, “Eeewww, I don’t think I like that.”

My instinctive thought response was, “Of course you do, you eat it and seconds every time I make it!”  My oral response was, “Just wait, you’ll remember how much you like it.”

The day continued to pass and the juices in the slow cooker began to simmer while the flavour of the chicken and sauce marinated.

Lo and behold, here arrives my cherub and what does she say? 

“Oh, Mummy, that smells soooooo good!  What are we having for supper?”

Inside I smiled while outside I said, “I’m so glad that you like it.  Won’t supper be yummy?”

Now, every time she wanders by the kitchen there are more exclamations declaring the tastiness to come.

Sometimes, I think our responses to God are much the same when He offers things to us.  When we are unsure of the outcomes or dubious as to our role in the plan we can be swift to reject what God has for us.  (Forgetting that He knows how it will turn out.)

When we are open to His plan and remember that

James 1:17
“Every good and perfect gift comes from above”

then we are better able to discover how wonderful what He has for us truly is.

Being willing to accept what God has in store is the first step to following Him in obedience.  Remembering that He loves us and only wants what is best for us helps us to be sure that no matter what is for dinner it will be perfect.

Are you ready to receive what God has for you today?

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