A Heart for God

“6’5″ 325lbs solid muscle he was a giant of a man but the biggest thing about him was the heart he had for the Saviour”
 Imagine, if you will, a man who stood heads taller than all those around him.  Arms the size of a waist and legs that would rival a tree for stability.  Picture the dedication required to achieve the amazing physical results of such an athlete.  Consider the hours of time invested in that which was important to him.  Understand that it was his commitment that allowed him to realize his dream.  It was persistent and consistent training that ultimately led to the prowess he demanded of his body.
  Now, ask yourself, “What am I prepared to do for that which is most important to me?”.
How often have I simply put something off because although I wanted it, I really was not prepared to  plunge whole-heartedly into the endeavour?  The answer, “Too often”.
  The second half of the above quote gives even more insight into the man who was our friend.
“The biggest part of him was the heart he had for his Saviour.”  Ironically, it was his heart, at age 43, that gave out.  
Although our friend was not perfect, he was in love with his Lord.  His heart, so enlarged from exercising and training, was full of love for those around him.  He never hesitated to share encouragement and was passionate when sharing Jesus with others. 
 Thinking of our friend, led my mind to wander to Enoch. 
Genesis 5:24
Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.
After Enoch did what God had for him to do, God took him from this earth.  There is no description of a physical death.  No record of anything, other than “God took him away”,
Enoch had a heart for God.  Enoch did those things which God laid out for him to do.  When Enoch was finished serving God on this earth, “God took him away”.
If you or I were to go home to the Lord today, would we be able to say that we had done all of those things that He had for us to do?
When others recall us, will they remember ‘things’ about us or will they remember our heart for the Lord?
The choice is ours…

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