17₡ Lemons

The other day, I went out to lunch with my mom. I live in a rural community and our restaurant choice was a little café with fewer than a dozen tables, one waitress and a fantastic gift shop. The atmosphere was very homey and relaxed and there was opportunity for pleasant conversation with our server. While the waitress was taking our order, we were chatting; she told us that there was only one lobster roll left and that the cook needed to go buy lemons because they were out of lemonade. Not a conversation you would have at the Nimmanhaemin.

Just before heading off to lunch, I had been checking my online flyers and saw that our local market was promoting lemons; on sale for only 17₡ (regularly 89₡ per lemon). I told the waitress about the sale and where to find the market. She was so excited. She was going to go and let the cook know right away. It was such good information and would really help them and she wanted to make sure to take advantage of what I had shared with her.

Excitement over 17₡ lemons. As I considered her reaction and how easy it had been to share my “good news”, I was convicted into asking myself about how often I share the Gospel with as much enthusiasm and as freely as I did the news about the lemons.

The Good News that I am called to share is so much bigger than lemons and the benefits of the offering are beyond measure. Yet, sometimes I hesitate to speak, and when I do, I am depriving someone else of sharing the “good news” that lasts into eternity. Will you join me in being bold and proclaiming the good news of the Gospel as confidently as I would 17₡ lemons​?


Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works to all the people.

Romans 1:16

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to all who believe.

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