Resolution – Restitution

I thought that for New Years, I would post about New Year’s resolutions.  I know that working in the Health and Recreation field for many years, it became normal in January to see all of the gyms and pools packed with folks who were determined that this was the year to ‘get fit’.  By the middle of February, the number who remained faithful were few.

Everyone set out with the best of intentions.  Everyone wanted to do something positive.  Everyone had a broad goal.  So what happened?  Why weren’t the gyms and pools still packed in September? May? or even in February?

I think that sometimes we get in our own way.  I know that sounds a little bit funny but when I look over my own resolutions, they seem broad and so far reaching that it’s no wonder that I had trouble sticking to them.  Often, my resolution would require so much time and energy that in order to fulfill it, I would need to sacrifice other things in my life.  Simple things like sleep, homeschooling, time with the Lord could/would/did fall by the wayside as I tried to achieve my lofty new goal.

Realistically, if I am overtired, my children aren’t cared for (or my husband either) and I haven’t spent time with the Lord then nothing else I do is going to bring satisfaction to my life.

Originally, I paired vision with resolutions but as I thought about it, the word restitution came to me.  Restitution from the Latin root means restituere; to restore. 
Restore to what?  I think that when I’m not happy with where I am or when I identify areas in my life that are lacking it is generally because I’ve lost sight of where I’m supposed to be.  I’m a child of God and I need to be spending time with and listening to Him.  I’m a wife and a homeschooling mum – I need to be with my family. As soon as I allow a hobby or outside commitments (even to the church) to overshadow the time that belongs to the things that are most important  then it will be impossible for me to be satisfied.  The peace and rest that come from restoring my priorities are immeasurable.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t work out or read for pleasure or sew or serve in the church or do anything outside of home – absolutely not.  I am saying, though, that if we lose sight of the things that are most important then all of the other things will continue to fall short.

Many are probably familiar with the story of the mason jar.  Once filled with sand there would be no way to squeeze in a few rocks.  BUT… if you begin by placing in some rocks, then you could add in some pebbles and then you could still shake in the sand and then you could top it off with water.  It seems illogical that you can fit more big things in than just tiny grains of sand, but the same is true in our lives.  If we start with the most important things, the big things, then it will be a lot easier to add in the smaller things.  If we fill our lives with little things then we will not be able to accomplish the big things that really are our purpose.

For this year, I encourage everyone to restore their priorities.  Restore yourself to the plan that God has for you.  Restore your relationship with God and with your family.  Restore the energy you put into your homeschooling. 

Like the key verse for this blog, I pray for each of you that God would ‘Direct you in the path of His commands, for there you WILL find delight.’

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